Vitamin D: All that you should know!!

Are we all deficient? Who are at risk of vitamin d deficiency? Here are a few facts which could simplify it…

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin produced by our body through sun exposure and is available in diet. It has a vital role in calcium and phosphorous balance which maintains the bone growth.

Vitamin D deficiency is an important public health problem globally.

In children, vitamin D deficiency leads to rickets, impaired growth, developmental delay, lethargy. Deficiency in adults may cause osteomalacia where bone softens and loses integrity. It is also causes chronic bone pain, myalgia, fatigue.

The risk groups having the deficiency are elderly, infants, people with limited sun exposure, insufficient intake, pregnancy or lactating mothers. Identifying the group at risk is of prime importance and thereby seeking medical attention could help detect vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D consists of 2 bioequivalent forms. Vitamin D2 obtained from dietary vegetable sources and oral supplements. Vitamin D3 is obtained primarily from skin exposure to sunlight, ingestion of food sources such as fish, fortified foods like milk, juices , yogurts, cereals, soy and oral supplements.

Sun exposure between 10am and 3pm prevents vitamin D Deficiency and reduction in sunscreen usage could contribute.





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